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Brian Hazelgren

Role: Partner, Corporate Health & Wellness – 2014 to present 
Company Purpose: A concierge health and wellness system focused on corporate health & wellness programs, growing senior living facilities, providing state of the art technology, wellness products and programs, and diagnostic lab services.  
Achievements: Launched new markets, developed key strategic partnerships, created new programs and packages to take to market.

Role: Executive Mentor, e3 Factor – 1999 to present
Company Purpose: A training and executive coaching company to develop better business leaders.  
Achievements: Developed Master Entrepreneur System with over 100 training modules used by many colleges, high schools, and foreign governments. Developed the Young Entrepreneurs Success System (YESS!) Program for High school and middle school kids.

Role: Founder and Chairman, GO*VETS Foundation. 2011 to present
Company Purpose: Not-for-profit organization that trains military veterans how to launch and grow a successful business, provide health and wellness services, and assisting veterans in finding jobs. 
Achievements: Developed training curriculum for a 12 month entrepreneurial program; Brought in key national corporate partners; Developed key board members; and partnership with Dept of Veterans Affairs. 

Role: Chief Development Officer, Children's Miracle Network, 2004-2011
Company Purpose: Raise Funds and Awareness for 170 children’s hospitals.
Achievements: Led the team that raised over $1.3 billion in capital fundraising campaigns. Directly involved in working with over 150 corporate sponsors and raising funds; Developed a unique system of loyal involvement of employees, customers and vendors. Oversaw the non-profit capital fund raising campaigns exceeding $240 million annually, and an operating budget of $35 million; Added an additional $120 million in annual fundraising. Introduced four new lines of fund raising campaigns, which allowed the international charity to remain innovative in philanthropy. Regularly reported to the Board of Trustees and Board of Governors. 

Role: Adjunct Professor, University of Utah School of Business, 2001-2011
Purpose: Train college students in Entrepreneurship. 
Achievements: Adjunct Professor in the Graduate Program, David Eccles School of Business from 2001-2011; Developed the curriculum for the new degree in Entrepreneurship; Trained over 3,500 MBA students, who launched over 1,000 businesses, and created over 12,000 jobs. Co-developer of the Entrepreneur’s Challenge business plan competition; Developed Opportunity Quest Executive Summary Competition; Co-developed Student Advisory Council Entrepreneur Center. Received 4.93 Instructor Success ave. (out of 5) for the 10-year period.

Role: Managing Partner, Business Training Camp, 1999 – 2004
Company Purpose: Provide high-end retreat training to corporate executives and small business owners; Business plan and strategic planning consulting. 
Achievements: Trained over 20,000 business executives; authored 3 successful business books; Three books received prestigious awards. Sold business. 

Role: Sr. Sales Executive, and Sr. VP for the IT Consulting Division of Sprint, 1995-1999
Company Purpose: IT consulting and project management for medium to large enterprises. 
Achievements: Fortunate to run the division like my own small business and grew from 11 to 53 branches in five years; increased employee growth from 52 to over 1,300 employees; sales increased an average of 41% annually; Brian led the team that developed the strategic plan to merge with Sprint, which included a $425 million cash buyout.

Role: Radio Talk Show Host, KFYI Radio 1993-1996, 2014-2015
Company Role: AM radio talk show station in Phoenix, AZ
Achievements: Developed the business talk show format called “All About Business” and hosted the show; brought in key corporate sponsorships; had a following of over 100,000; increased listeners by 29% for the weekend. Brian also hosted the Entrepreneurs Radio Network.

Role: President, Universal Vending 1990-1995
Company Role: Manufacturer of vending machines
Achievements: Designed and sold tens of thousands of vending machines globally; Developed complete merchandising line of products. Sold business.

Brian Hazelgren is a globally recognized expert in business consulting, management consulting, marketing strategy,  business planning, healthcare consulting and leadership training. Brian has written 13 books - including the #1 book on business planning, and has trained over 50,000 business executives, college and high school students throughout the world for the past 30 years. He helped designed and implemented the Entrepreneurship Center at the University of Utah, and was an Adjunct Professor in Entrepreneurship from 2001-2011. Brian has developed over 130 entertaining and informative Workshops; written over 150 Articles; and developed business systems to help the small business owner and corporate leaders thrive. During his career he has raised over $1.3 billion in charitable funds, and millions needed to launch and expand small business ventures. Brian holds a Bachelors degree from Western International University. He has written many successful business plans to launch and execute new ventures and new product operations. Brian was a member of the 1984 BYU National Championship Football Team, a two-sport All American, and four-sport All State athlete in high school. He has also held the 100 meter, 200 meter, and 40 yard dash in the state of Utah since 1980. Brian is also the proud father of six amazing children – including two sets of twins. He and his wife Ann live in Arizona.