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Check out the Young Entrepreneur's Success System (Y.E.S.S!) that is making a huge difference for kids! ​

Areas Where Brian Can Help You:

  • Keynote Speaker
  • Team Motivator
  • Corporate Training
  • One on one Mentoring
  • Conference/Retreat MC
  • Board Members Training

​If you would like to work directly with Brian - he can be reached anytime for one-on-one mentoring, speaking engagements, or group training. Please fill out the form, or Click here to get in touch with Brian...

Brian has 30 years business experience in entrepreneurship, motivational speaking, executive management, philanthropy/cause marketing, and business coaching. He is a globally recognized expert in business planning, strategic planning, cause marketing, business development, entrepreneurship, and has written 13 books on business, leadership and personal development.


  • How to Design Powerful Email Campaigns
  • Creating Desirable Value
  • 12 Ancient Principles in Building An Empire
  • Get Going - Get Successful!
  • Defining Your Business Model
  • Brainstorm Your Way To Incredible Success
  • Seeking Prosperity & Expecting To Win
  • The Power of Strategic Alliance Partners
  • Establish Your Unique Selling Advantage
  • Providing Clarity To Your Team


  • What It Takes to Be An Entrepreneur
  • The True Market Need For Your Product
  • 15 Crucial Questions You Must Answer
  • Build A Solid Team - Win the Game!
  • Staying Hungry & Passionate
  • The Magic of Staying Focused
  • Build a Killer Plan That Gets Results
  • How to Use Leverage To Succeed
  • How to Raise $1 Billion in Charity Donations
  • How to Jumpstart Your Business!

​Online Training modules


  • The Free Enterprise System
  • Important Traits of An Entrepreneur
  • Motivating Your Team
  • Things About Me Self Assessment
  • 10 Things You Must Answer Prior To Launch
  • An Unquenchable Desire to Win!
  • Are You a Self Starter?
  • What It REALLY Takes To Succeed
  • Developing A Powerful Business Network
  • Essential Traits of Successful Leaders